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kattraks's Journal

My real name is Laura and I've been married and divorced, more than once. Now I've been married for what seems like forever - not always happy but married. Have 3 grown children, 2 grown stepdaughters, 5 grandchildren, 2 step-grandsons. Have 4 rescued "feral cats that are skittish indoor cats, Maxi, Trevi, Velvet and Yitzi one outside "feral", lil' gra. I have a senior (10) Beagle I adopted last march after my darling little Yorkie named Buddy was killed. Am a Professional Pet sitter in my community. I'm a born-again Christian and sometimes Ladies Retreat Speaker.

I seldom make replies to your comments, I find that sometimes redundant so please don't be offended by that. Sometimes when I read my comments, I will bounce over to your page and make a comment on one of your entries.

I do not like to discuss politics so if you have a political post, you will probably not see my comment to it and I will seldom be posting anything political. I vote for the person running for office based on qualifications not on party. I also take the stance that once they are in office, it does no good whatsoever to chop them up with critisism and judgmentalism.

I detest drama and refuse to be part of any here. If I feel your posts might cause drama, I simply won't reply...

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