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Writer's Block: Surf's Up!

I usually have a computer on all day so I can jump on to it right away but for the most part, usually am only actually online maybe 1-2 hours a day.  That will change soon, as my hubby is leaving Florida and going to kansas to work next week and I'll be living alone so spending more time on my netbook while watching t.v. at night might be on the agenda...we'll see.
How much time do you spend online?

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to BamaAunt! Hope you have a simply wonderful day, week, month and year!

Writer's Block: White air

Is it snowing where you are right now?

No, thank goodness. I hate snow and cold. We live near the Gulf and I like \it that way!
What's worse: a pit of snakes or a pit of spiders?
Depends... on what kind of snakes/ what kind of spider.  I'm not afraid of either but dont' want a brown recluse or a poisonous snake bite.  

Writer's Block: Into the wild

 I would never have started a zoo in the first place.  I think it's cruel to put animals on display and take their very lives and put them in cages.  I tend to think the creator made all of us to be free.

Writer's Block: No refunds

What is your biggest regret? Did you learn from it or does it still plague you?

My biggest regret has always been sleeping one time with someone I barely knew.  He was handsome, charismatic and went to my church.   I got pregnant, married him and spent two years in living hell from his extreme abuse and his alcoholism.   He beat me repeatedly, stalked me when I escaped shortly after the baby came, threatened all my friends and family, turned my entire life upside down and ruined our daughters life as well.  Yes I learned many things from this.  #1.  Don't sleep with anyone you are not in love with and married to.
#2.  Never think someone is a true Christian just cause they attend church services.  #3. You will always love your children dearly, even though they may not have been a "plan" in your life.  #4.  You must not ever, ever, ever stay in an abusive situation.  #5.  When you are beaten physically, spiritually and emotionally as a young person, it will affect your life for the rest of your life.

*Stop domestic Abuse*   If you are in a situation right now, please please develop a plan to escape!

Writer's Block: Get up

If you had to eat the same breakfast everyday for a year (and it would be prepared and served to you), what would you choose?

The post didn't say I had to eat every bite every day so hey, I'll go for turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, french toast with syrup, a glass of orange juice and a cup o' Joe!

Writer's Block: Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

If you had to give up swimming, skiing, hiking, or biking for the rest of your life, which would you choose, and why?

This one is a cinch.  Don't hike.  ever.

Panama City Beach Picture

Since my last post was of Okaloosa Island, Fl. thought I'd post one of Panama City Beach so you would know what OUR beach looks like:

I'm headed to bed for a nap, been attending a conference and am going again this evening so I need to rest up for a long night ahead! Talk to ya later (I hope).

Writer's Block: It's cold outside


Anything below 50 degrees is too cold for me! With immune system difficulties (c.o.p.d.; asthma, arthritis, fibromyalgia)..the darned cold hurts me! Miss the winter sometimes but my health sure doesn't!


cat tracks in snow

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